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Business Credit

Whether is to manage cash flow, update equipment or grow your business, you need access to capital. We can help you get it! Ask us how.

Tax Solutions

Our professional and bilingual staff provides comprehensive tax preparations and planning with no upfront fees and best of all, in your language! Our purpose is to maximize your tax return; after all, you worked very hard to earn it!

Credit Solutions

Is your credit score keeping you from the life you want? Did you try products from companies that charged you an arm and a leg and didn't do anything for you? We know, we've seen them too! See your score improve quickly and see all the benefits that will come with it!

Life Insurance

Life insurance is not for the people that died, it's for the people that lived! Life is unpredictable and as much as we don't like thinking about it, we must think of the ones we leave behind and how we will leave them, what kind of life they will have once we are gone. When is the best time to get Life Insurance? NOW! The younger and healthier you are, the better rates and coverage we can get you!

Retirement Planning

Nursing home or Cruise ship? We are sure by now you know the kind of future you want for you and your family. Let us help you get there! We work with some of the most recognized companies offering a variety of plans for you. Let's talk and we can find out together what the best option would be.

Health Insurance

There are many variables that can make your home and car insurance increase or decrease. On top of that there are many companies that offer insurance. You choose the coverage, you choose the company. Let's meet and discuss your options.

Business Services

We offer you and your business support and areas that are not necessarily your expertise. Let us help you with these so that you can focus on what matters the most to you. Services such as Group Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Notary and Legal services.

Debt Elimination

Did you know there is a way of paying all of your debt, including your mortgage, in half or a third of the time? Yes there is! Don't worry, it is not another financial trap set by financial institutions. There is no need to re-finance, modify, or consolidate your loan. Let's sit down for a FREE debt analysis and find out not only how much money you can save in interests, but also how much time you can save!
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Educational Seminars

Something very dear to our hearts is to provide Free Financial Education to our community. The time when we follow blindly what financial institutions say is over! Excellent professionals in our community donate their time and expertise to give you information no bank will ever tell you. Follow us on our Social Media pages to find out when we will put together educational seminars in English and Spanish to make sure you know what financial decisions are right for you.