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About Us

We are a team of professionals with different but complimentary specialties in the Financial industry. We have a passion for helping our community through education and personalized services. We offer financial solutions to problems that we all have, but not everyone knows how to get out of.

We invite you to seat with us and together find what service works for you and your specific situation. Meet our founders Cesar Celis and Ivan De Leon.

Ivan De Leon, MBA

With an extensive background in Finance and tax preparation, Ivan felt there was so much more he could do for his clients. He founded White Lion Financial Services and focused on offering tax preparation services. He noticed so many of his clients needed guidance to navigate the complicated field of finances and started educating them as well. As his business grew, he realized he could provide more services to complement tax preparation and started offering financial services such as credit repair, retirement planning, life insurance and debt elimination. Ivan organizes free educational seminars in English and Spanish to help the Central Florida community. Joined by many talented professionals, who donate their time and expertise, Ivan has helped many families take charge of their financial futures.

In the Summer of 2016, Ivan joined forces with like-minded Cesar Celis to create Premier Financial Solutions. In Cesar, Ivan found a partner that not only offered similar services as him, but also shared his passion for service, his vision, and work ethic. He is very excited about this endeavor and looks forward to offering you financial solutions for every stage of your life.

  T.: (407)440-1010  E.: ivan@premierfinancialsolutions.net

Cesar Celis

Very early in his career, Cesar was very passionate about providing financial solutions to his clients. He had worked in different fields from the insurance industry, mortgage, banking, credit restoration, taxes, debt management, and other services.  He has managed and owned many offices of professionals services. Cesar has been serving in Central Florida for over 25 years.  His overall vision is to make sure his clients accomplish their financial goals, guiding them by using knowledge, experience, and honesty.  Cesar feels working in financial services is not a job, it is a calling.

He is more than happy with the partnership created with Ivan and knows that by joining forces where our work ethics, values and willingness to help our clients are just the components of a great success story for our company and our clients' futures.

  T.: (407)486-7849  E.: cesar@premierfinancialsolutions.net

The Team

We have a professional and specialized staff to help you achieve your financial goals.

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